What's new in Voice In?

The place for new features, official announcements, and updates on Voice In.

v3.51 (Sep 24, 2023)

  • Voice In now works on Wordpress and Reddit.
  • Six new action commands: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, indent and outdent.
  • You can now change dictation case within a sentence. Before change dictation case command had to be a seperate phrase.
  • You can now do multiple keypresses in a single voice command. For example: you can do <press:n><press:n><press:n>

v3.48 (Sep 7, 2023)

  • Three new action commands: delete line, delete last <2-20> words, and backspace <1-20>.
  • Improved capitalization handling.
  • New text deletion logic to make it work on more sites.

v3.47 (Sep 1, 2023)

  • Four new action commands: copy that, cut that, delete that and select all.
  • Added Help and What's New to the context menu of Voice In launch button.

v3.46 (Aug 21, 2023)

  • Enabled Advanced Mode for free on Notion. Try speech-to-text on Notion.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the screen to flicker when Voice In is started.

v3.44 (Aug 14, 2023)

v3.43 (Aug 3, 2023)

  • Voice In now supports Canva. See the demo →
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the previous text at a cursor location was incorrectly calculated. This lead to capitalization errors.

v3.30 The Big Voice In Product Update (May 16, 2023)

Support for ChatGPT and Bard, six new voice commands, sound effect on start/stop, iframe support, improved Japanese language support and more.

==== Sorry we missed a year of entries here ===

v2.24 (Dec 31, 2021)

  • Added "Don't stop dictation on tab switch" option. Allows users to continue dictation even when they change tabs.

  • Added Change Case. Users can transform the dictated text into Sentence case, UPPERCASE, lowercase and Capitalize Each Word.

  • Made Hide Voice In Pop-up free.

  • Added Persian voice commands.

v2.23 (Dec 25, 2021)

  • Custom voice commands are now case-sensitive.
  • When you enable the "Lowercase except at the start of a sentence" option (enabled by default for Plus users), custom voice commands text will get typed in lowercase. So if you set it up to automatically type something you use often, it will paste my texts all in lowercase regardless of the capitalization you put in the command. In this release, we fixed this issue.
  • Better support for multi-line custom voice commands
  • Fixed edge cases where multi-line voice commands would break.
  • Added Bulgarian Voice Commands. You can find it at https://dictanote.co/voicein/voicecommands/bg/

v2.16 (Jul 18, 2021)

  • Enabled dictation on more sites, including Google Docs, Google Slides, Outlook Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Whatsapp, etc.

v2.14 (Jul 8, 2021)

  • Comprehensive bug fixing to make dictation work smoothly on top 10 sites, including Facebook, Youtube, Discord, etc.
  • Changed the way Advanced Mode works to make it not turn off the page's paste handler.
  • On install, Voice In works on already open pages.
  • Fixes errors when the page is refreshed while dictation is on.

v2.9 (April 17, 2021)

  • Redesigned the settings page to make it easy to use
  • Fix cursor location jumping issue in Gmail and Evernote when you have Voice In Plus

v2.8 (Apr 4, 2021)

  • Added voice commands for Greek

v2.7 (Apr 1, 2021)

  • Increased limit of the number of custom voice commands - previously ~ 50 (8KB) to 1000+

v2.6 (Mar 25, 2021)

  • Added language support for five new languages, including Taiwanese

v1.0.39 (Aug 19, 2020)

  • Added support for bulk-adding voice commands: can be used to fix bad word censoring, British accent correction, etc

  • Improved support for iframe and allowed nested iframes. Needed to support certain medical use cases (EMR).

  • Fixed pop-up coloring issues.

  • Add option to remove diacritics. Useful for non-English languages like Greek, Czech, where many folks wanted to dictate without diacritics.

  • Fixed minor dictation bugs that caused Voice In to crash.

v1.0.35 (Jul 13, 2020)

  • Added Advanced Mode: Some sites use complicated input handling, making adding text through the extension hard. On many such sites, you can use advanced mode to dictate. Advanced Mode simply copies dictated text to the clipboard and pastes it at the cursor location. The result is it behaves just like default Voice In. You can use advanced mode to dictate on popular sites like Reddit, Discord, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. On these sites, it was impossible to use Voice In directly.

  • Change pop-up/dictation box location: You can now change the location of the dictation box to top-left / top-right / bottom-left / bottom-right.

  • Fix pop-up not showing up bug: When you change the URL in the same tab, the Voice In pop-up will not show up—fixed this bug.

  • Fixed voice commands bug: Previously, if the command started with a capital letter, it would not work.