Voice In's Education Program [Paused]

Note: We are currently not accepting new applications for the Education Program. We will resume the program in the future.
All popular education sites like Google Classroom, Google Docs, etc. are whitelisted and you can use Advanced Mode for free on these. You can use Voice In to complete assignments, write essays, take notes, etc. on these sites.

Free advanced speech-to-text tool for all students in your school, college, academic institution or university.

Voice In Education Program

How does the Free Education Program work?

Voice In Education Program offers free Voice In Plus for all students of your school, college or university.

Voice In is the #1 Speech-To-Text extension for Chrome and Edge. With Voice In, you can use your voice to type emails in Gmail, complete assignments in Google Classroom, improve your pronunciation, type in non-Latin languages like in Japanese or Hindi, etc. Voice In's advanced speech-to-text AI will help you to type hands-free in over 140 languages.

The Education Program gives a complete access to Voice In's Premium features. This includes enabling dictation on all websites using Advanced Mode, ability to define custom voice commands, use action commands like undo/delete word, text transforms, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

How to benefit from the program?

  1. Install Voice In Speech-To-Text chrome extension

    Voice In works on the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. You can install it on your computer directly from the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Activate the Education Program

    To get your Voice In Plus upgrade, go to Voice In's Chrome Web Store page, go to the Reviews tab and write a review for Voice In. Tell us how you use/plan to use Voice In and how it helps you in your everyday life.

    Next, send an email to support@dictanote.co from your school email address with the following information: your account email address, expected graduation date, what do you use Voice In for and some websites you plan to use Voice In on. We will add a 1 year free Voice In Plus license to your account within the next 24-48 hours :)

    While waiting, checkout the Getting Started guide to learn how to use Voice In and the Voice In Plus guide to learn about the all the features that are included in the Voice In Plus upgrade.

  3. Tell your friends 🥳

    Spread the word! All your fellow students can now benefit from Voice In Plus's premium features.

Hundreds of academic institutions from all over the world trust Voice In.

Who can benefit from the Education Program?

All students currently studying at a school, college, or universitiy can apply to the Education Program.

Why is it free?

Student life is hectic and involves a lot of typing. We want to make your life a little bit easier.

What is Voice In?

Voice In chrome extension lets you use speech-to-text to type on any website.