The best alternative to Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Looking for a simple and affordable speech-to-text solution to compete with Dragon?
Discover Voice In, the #1 speech-to-text Chrome extension.

Voice In vs Dragon

Dragon dictation has long been one of the most popular speech recognition software. In March 2022, Dragon Naturallymade headlines after Microsoft acquired Nuance Communications, the parent company of Dragon, for 19.7 billion dollars (yes, you read that right!)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been the go-to software for voice-to-text functionalities for many years. Hailing from a time when voice recognition was still finding its feet, Dragon carved its niche, offering a sophisticated solution for desktop-based applications. Its dedicated user base can vouch for its unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in its heyday.

With the rapid evolution of technology, many have found Dragon NaturallySpeaking bulky. Further, Nuance raised the price on Dragon from $299 to $699 now! This begs the question: What alternatives exist for those seeking a more modern, streamlined, affordable voice-to-text solution? Enter Voice In, a Chrome extension that promises seamless integration with today’s web-centric world.

Voice In: The Future of Speech Recognition

Voice In is not just another voice recognition tool; it's a specialized Chrome extension that lets users type using their voice on over 10,000 websites in over 50 languages. This brings a level of versatility that's unparalleled in the current market. The real-time transcription capability ensures users have an efficient experience, minimizing the gap between thought and written text.

Voice In's speech-recognition extension is easier to learn, more efficient, less buggy, less expensive, and has a higher average customer rating compared to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The only reason you might need to stick with Dragon is if you need Desktop app support. Fortunately, most apps today work on the web., Word Online, and Google Docs are great examples of office productivity that has moved to the web from the desktop. Modern software today is built for the browser, hence Voice In's emphasis on being a browser-based tool. Since Voice In works through Google Chrome, it has a much smoother integration with websites and web apps.

Voice In VS Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Discover how Voice In competes with a mastodon like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Voice In Dragon Dictation
Free plan Yes No
Speech recognition accuracy Excellent Good
Dictate emails, docs, and chats online Yes Yes
Custom vocabulary Yes Yes
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks Windows
Works on slow computers Yes No
Works on desktop apps No Yes
Install/calibration time Seconds Hours
Price $4 per month $699.00 (!!)
Upgrade cost $0 (included) $150.00