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Audio Scribe

What is Audio Scribe?

Audio Scribe is a smart AI writing assistant that helps you write better.
Dictate your messy thoughts. Audio Scribe transcribes your audio notes and rewrites the transcript into clear text using ChatGPT.

Radar icon Superhuman Speech-To-Text Accuracy In 20+ Languages. 95%+ accuracy transcription in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, Cantonese, etc.
Meteor icon Amazing Text Formatting Audio Scribe automatically adds punctuations (like periods) and removes filler words, repetitions, and 'umms.'
Stars icon Write In Any Style! Write your notes in a custom writing style. For example, write like your favorite author or write in a formal tone for an email or write it as a doctor note, etc.
Gmail deliverability

Record your voice or upload an existing audio file

Easily capture your thoughts, ideas, plans, or any other content by recording your voice. Whether it's a brief 20-second note or a detailed 30-minute meeting recap, you can record directly in any desktop browser or our mobile app on Android and iPhone!

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Personalize Your Text Notes

Take complete control over how AI refines your content. Whether you prefer a specific style, language, or even a custom prompt, the power to shape your output is in your hands. From drafting a business memo or a medical note to creating a daily to-do list, you can also craft and save your unique styles for future use.

Also supports translation — speak in one language and receive your text in another, like dictating in English and getting your note in French. The possibilities for what you can create are limitless.

Gmail deliverability

Edit, Enhance, or Rewrite Text Notes

After your note is ready, you have the flexibility to modify it as needed. Organize it using tags, move it to a specific folder, check out the original transcript, or tweak it. Plus, you can also rewrite your existing notes in a different style or language.

Feature List

Summarize audio notes.

Voice Note Summarization.

Transcribe and summarise unlimited voice notes up to 15 minutes long (vs. ten 3-minute voice notes for free users).

Write content in any style.

Write In Any Style.

Write your notes in a custom style. Craft your note as a business memo, write it as a medical note, create a to-do list for the day, or create and save your custom styles.

Use on all devices.

Works Everywhere.

Audio Scribe works on all your devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS.

Upload audio files to transcribe.

Upload Audio Files.

Say you have a voice memo recorded on your phone or external voice recorder; you can upload the audio file and have Audio Scribe work its magic on it.

Use special words to recognize uncommon words.

Save Special Words.

If you are frustrated with Audio Scribe misspelling a name or term, add it to Special Words and have it transcribed correctly.

Restyle existing notes.

Restyle Your Existing Notes.

Want to edit the style of a note you saved earlier? Or change the language it is in? You can do it using Restyle.

Quick selection feature.

Quick Selection.

If you dictate different types of content, you can use quick selection to dynamically select the style to apply at the end of the dictation.

Adjust output length.

Variable Output Lengths.

You can adjust the degree of summarization. Choose between three levels of summarization.

Integration using Zapier or Webhook.

Integration using Zapier/Webhook.

Connect Audio Scribe to your favorite apps directly using Zapier or using a webhook.

Get Started

Watch our overview video.

Open Audio Scribe

Open Dictanote and click on Audio Scribe button.

Start Recording

Click on big orange microphone to start recording.

Ramble away

Once you done hit stop and let Audio Scribe work its magic.

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Users & organizations from all over the world trust Audio Scribe. Read their reviews below.

This is so cool! I am using this to write my novel. I can't believe how well it works.

Kathy Hutchinson



Audio Scribe just works. After a meeting, take a few minutes to ramble what was discussed and have it create a nice summary. Highly recommend.

Robert Campus



I use it for journalling every day. It's a great way to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper.

Paul Cooper

Berkeley, USA


I use it in German. One of the few tools that works great in German.

Johannes Müller



This app has revolutionized my routine. It swiftly became an integral component of my workflow like never before.


Workman from USA


This app has been a savior for me as I find it challenging to articulate my thoughts into organized sentences. Audio Scribe acts like a personal assistant that can transcribe and summarize my voice notes within seconds, making it easier for me to transform my jumbled ideas into clear text without any hassle.

Eric Sloan

Digital Worker


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