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Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the Voice In getting started guide.


Install the Voice In Voice Typing extension from the Chrome Web Store (link)

After you install the extension, a setup page will open.

Follow the instructions and complete setup. You are now ready to voice type.

How to Use

To use Voice In on a website:
(1) Go to the website (for example Testpad or Gmail) and place the cursor in the text box.
(2) Use one of three ways to start/stop Voice In:

Voice In Button
Click on the Voice In button (microphone icon) in the address bar to start/stop dictation. The button will turn red once dictation starts. (see DEMO 1)
(To stop dictation, click on the Voice In button again. This will stop Voice In and the icon will turn gray.)

DEMO 1: Using button to start Voice In

Right Click
Place the cursor in the text box, right-click, and in the right-click menu click on "Start Dictation". (see DEMO 2)
(To stop dictation, right click and select "Stop Dictation".)

DEMO 2: Using right click to start Voice In

Keyboard Shortcut
You can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+9 to start/stop voice dictation.

(3) Speak into the microphone. The text you dictate will get typed at the cursor location.

Use It

Voice In works (for free) on 1000s of websites, including most sites with simple text/input boxes.
See the complete list of sites we have tested on →

Try Voice In Testpad

(OR) Use it to voice type in your favourite websites:

Voice Commands

Voice In contains built-in voice commands for punctuations, text editing, quotes, brackets, etc in 25 languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and many more.
Checkout the complete list of voice commands available.

Spread the word

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