Introducing QuickTube AI Summary Chrome Extension

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I am excited to unveil our new extension: QuickTube: Youtube Summary with ChatGPT.

Quicktube adds a widget to your YouTube interface that shows the video transcript and lets you quickly generate a concise, insightful summary using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini, or Claude. This means you can absorb the key points of videos, podcasts, or even foreign-language content in a few minutes - a true time-saver!

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Beyond Videos QuickTube’s versatility extends to web articles and PDF documents. With the same ease, you can get AI-powered summaries for dense news articles or lengthy reports, streamlining your reading process significantly.

Cost? Zero. Benefit? Immense. The extension is 100% free and designed to make your video consumption as efficient as possible. Say goodbye to long hours of watching, and hello to more time enjoying your newfound insights.

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