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Dictanote is a notes app with speech recognition integrated, making it easy for you to voice type your notes.
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use voice in to dictate on many sites

Let your voice work for you

Dictanote accurately transcribes your speech to text in real time. You can add paragraphs, punctuation marks, and even smileys using voice commands.

With over 90% accuracy, Dictanote performs better than most offline services including Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Multi-Lingual Support

Voice In supports speech recognition in over 50+ languages and 80+ dialects.

Voice Commands

Use voice commands to insert punctuation, technical terms and to correct mistakes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to start/stop dictation and easily switch languages.

Over 200,000+ users use Dictanote to
get work done

“I didn't think it was true but I believe this works better than any other app. Use it every day. It's fantastic.”

- Russell Sabella

“This is a Great Web App to speak to text for my Windows Laptop. Easy to use and save your notes”

- Phil H

“Really great app and so easy to use.I could use it right away without any training time and best of all, it recognises my Indian accent also.”

- Sanjay Rana

“This is one of the best dictation apps out there I have to say this is a must for any writer or journalist who needs an accurate and powerful dictation app.”

- Music Factory Studios

“This is a fantastic application, it works flawlessly on linux, and is a great alternative to dragon naturally speaking.”

- Darian Brown

“I have been using dictanote for some time now and I can say that it really helps me in my day to day meetings. I don't need to save my work from time to time since the app do it for me already. Moreso, I can access my work anytime anywhere.”

- Louwelyn Andal

Frequently Asked Questions

Dictanote works on the following platforms:
* Desktop: Windows/Linux/Mac in Google Chrome and installable as a standalone app
* Android: in Google Chrome and installable as a standalone app
* iPhone: Safari 12+ (only editing, no voice dictation support)
Additional hardware: inbuilt/external microphone

Yes, Dictanote and Voice In are two separate products built by the same team addressing different use cases.
Dictanote is a note-taking app with built-in voice-to-text integration. Writers use it to write their books, students use it to take notes, etc. Dictanote automatically syncs your notes to the cloud and makes them available on all your devices.
Voice In is a chrome extension that lets you use Speech-To-Text to type on any website in Chrome. Use it to type emails in Gmail, enter data into Teladoc, write blogs in WordPress, etc. Learn more about Voice In

Yes, checkout Dictanote Transcribe. Transcribe lets you convert pre-recorded audio files to text.

At Dictanote, we take your privacy seriously. All your notes are stored securely encrypted on Dictanote servers.
We do not store or process any of your audio. We rely on Chrome's speech to text API to convert audio to text.

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