How to Pin and Unpin Extensions on Google Chrome

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Google Chrome has a plethora of extensions and Google has designed an Extensions Menu to enable easy access to your favorite extensions. The menu is available in the chrome web browser, next to the address as a jigsaw puzzle icon. This menu allows you to access all your extensions from one place and it also, allows you to pin and unpin extensions to the toolbar.

In this blog post, we will guide you on how to pin and unpin extensions to your chrome toolbar.

Step-by-step instructions on how to pin and unpin an extension to your chrome browser:

  • Click on the jigsaw puzzle icon located between the address bar and your profile icon.

  • The jigsaw puzzle icon’s drop-down menu will have all your installed extensions. The installed extensions are divided into two categories:
    • Full Access: These extensions require access to see and change information to your browser’s content.
    • No Access Needed: These extensions do not require access to see and change information.

  • Pin using the pushpin icon: All the extensions have a pushpin icon next to them. Click on the grey pushpin icon to pin it to the toolbar. The pushpin turns blue when it is pinned to the toolbar.

  • Unpin using the pushpin icon: To unpin the extension, click on the blue pushpin icon so that the icon turns to a gray color.

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