Download Dictanote

You can install Dictanote directly from the Google Chrome browser on Android in 2 minutes.

Step 1: Open in the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click on settings button at the top right corner. Then press 'Add to homescreen'. When you hit 'Add', you will get an app icon added to your home screen.

Step 3: Once installed, you can see it available in the home screen and app drawer.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to turn your device media volume to 0 before you start dictation. The default volume in the volume slider is the ring volume and not the media volume. You need to make the media volume as shown below:

Note that we do not have an app on the play store. 



You can install Dictanote directly from the Safari browser on iOS in 2 minutes. Note that dictation does not work on iOS unfortunately due to iOS not having the APIs needed. All other features like offline editing, fully-featured notebook, wysiwyg editor etc work.

Step 1: Open in the Safari browser.

Step 2: Tap the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen (it resembles a box with an upward-pointing arrow)..

Step 3: Tap Add to Home Screen.

Step 4: Accept the suggested name for the shortcut, or enter one you like better.

Step 5: At the top of the screen, tap Add to save the new shortcut icon to the home screen.

You'll now see the new icon next to all your other app icons. If you use several home screens, you may need to scroll through them to locate it. To use the icon, just tap it to go directly to Dictanote.