Dictanote Transcribe

Save Time and Money on Transcriptions - Let Dictanote Transcribe Your Audio Files

In many cases, you have meeting recordings or class notes as an audio file which you want to transcribe to text.
We are offering a new premium service that transcribes an audio file automatically. We can transcribe multiple hours of audio in a few minutes. The service works in all 48 languages supported by Dictanote.

Dictanote Transcribe costs $0.2 per minute. This is significantly cheaper than other products in the market which charge $0.8 - $2 per minute.

Use the form below to submit the request.
Either upload the audio file directly using the File dialog.
Once you submit, the status of your request is shown below. Once the transcription completes, we will send you an email with the transcript (within a few hours).
The card associated with your Dictanote account will be charged with the cost.

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Prefer to transcribe it yourself ? Use the app for free.

You can manually pass the audio to your microphone and have dictanote web transcribe it. Follow this tutorial to do it link. This approach requires to play the file manually. It may not work very well if there is noise in the background or if multiple people are speaking.