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Experience the full power of dictation
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Dictanote Pro unlocks a whole host of advanced features that make note-taking effortless
+ unlock Audio Scribe - Smart AI Writing Assistant.

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Notes app + basic voice typing.


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  • Dictation in 50+ languages
  • Unlimited notes
  • Basic Voice Commands
  • 100% Data security and privacy
  • Audio Scribe
  • Unlimited Notebooks
  • Dictation in background
  • Custom Voice Commands


Voice type like a PRO. No limits.

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Unlock all advanced features with Dictanote Pro.

Dictanote Pro combines a modern note-taking app with dictation capabilities.
It is the only app you need to take notes, write documents, and dictate your thoughts.

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    Unlimited Notebooks. Create as many notebooks as you want. Organize your notes by topic, project, or client.
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    Dictation in background. Dictate in the background while you are working on other apps. Dictanote will automatically save your notes.
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    Custom Voice Commands. With Plus, you can define your own voice commands to automate repetitive text entry, correct dictation errors, and perform actions like changing the dictation language, etc. Some examples:
    Say This To Insert This
    setup meeting Let’s do a quick call to fix the issue?
    You can pick a time at https://calendly.com/dictanote
    insert email novakdj201@gmail.com
    s*** suck
    use spanish <lang:es-ES>
    Learn more about Custom Voice Commands →
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    Voice-based editing. Unlock undo, backspace, and delete last (n) words voice commands. These commands are essential for correcting dictation errors.
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    Images in notes. Get 1GB of cloud storage that can be used to add pictures to your notes.

New Audio Scribe

Smart AI Writing Assistant

Audio Scribe converts your voice notes into clearly summarized text.

Dictate your messy thoughts. Audio Scribe transcribes your audio notes using a very high-accuracy model and rewrites the transcript using ChatGPT into clear text. It automatically adds punctuations (like periods), removes filler words, repetitions, and 'umms'.

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    Full Access. Transcribe and summarise unlimited voice notes up to 15 minutes long (vs. ten 3-minute voice notes for free users).
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    Write in Different Styles. Write your notes in a custom style. Craft your note as a business memo, write it as a medical note, create a to-do list for the day, or create and save your custom styles.
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    Upload Audio File. Say you have a voice memo recorded on your phone or external voice recorder; you can upload the audio file and have Audio Scribe work its magic on it.
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    Special Words. If you are frustrated with Audio Scribe misspelling a name or term, add it to Special Words and have it transcribed correctly.
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    Rewrite a Note. Want to edit the style of a note you saved earlier? Or change the language it is in? You can do it using Rewrite.
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    Quick Selection. If you dictate different types of content, you can use quick selection to dynamically select the style to apply at the end of the dictation.