Dictanote Product Update - Sept 2022


I'm excited to present our most extensive upgrade to Dictanote this year. Let's dive into it:

New Editor Experience

Dictanote New Editor for Voice Typing

The Dictanote note editor received a significant upgrade. The new note editor includes a major UI upgrade, many bug fixes for wonky formatting issues, and more font choices.

One of the most requested features for Dictanote was the ability to add a TODO list. We have finally added it. You can create TODO lists right within Dictanote now (as shown in the image above).

New Voice Commands

We have added six new voice commands:

stop dictation => stop voice typing
copy selection => copy selection to clipboard
cut selection => cut selection to clipboard
copy note => copy current note to clipboard
cut note => cut current note to clipboard
hit enter => simulates pressing enter key. Useful to go to the next bullet in the list / TODO list.

We have also made improvements to the new paragraph and new line voice commands so that when you copy over text to another app like Gmail, the formatting gets correctly picked up in those apps.

Formatting text while voice typing



voice typing in Dictanote

You can use all the formatting options in the note toolbar like bolt, italics, alignment, font styling, etc while dictating. Before, formatting was disabled while voice typing.

Dark Theme update

We now have a new dark theme inspired by the dark blue sky. We feel it is subtle and more calming compared to the pitch black dark theme that we had before.

dark theme dictanote

Bug Fixes

Last but not least, we have made numerous bug fixes to improve stability. If you find any bugs, do report them in the Forum.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve Dictanote for you, email me directly at anil@dictanote.co.

Happy Voice Typing!

This article was written by Anil Shanbhag, Voice In's founder. Voice In lets you use your voice to type on 1000s on websites, including Gmail, ChatGPT, Google Docs, Notion, etc.