5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Gmail in 2022


Gmail is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. There are thousands of chrome extensions for Gmail claiming to increase the productivity and experience of Gmail. But with the availability of thousands of chrome extensions, which is the best one for you?

In this article, we will walk you through our favorite 5 extensions for Gmail and cover their key features and pricing.

1. Email Tracker for Gmail: Track who opened your email

Email Tracker for Gmail, a chrome extension by Mail track, adds a tracking pixel and checkmarks to your Gmail. This helps you identify when and how many times your email was opened by your recipient.

This is ideal for you if you have always wondered if your recipient read your email or not. I have found this particularly useful while sending emails to interviewers and clients and managing mass email campaigns.

Top Features:

  • You can check if your emails have been opened
  • Privacy compliant and never shares data
  • Receive real-time notifications on your desktop, when your emails are opened.


Free: This plan offers unlimited tracking and real-time desktop notifications. It adds a “sent with Mailtrack” signature to your emails.

Premium Plan: It is offered at $4.99/month. This adds additional features of full tracking history, no Mailtrack Signature, Link Tracking, and more features.

Email Tracker Demo

Install Email Tracker from the Chrome Webstore.

2. Voice In for Gmail: Use your voice to type emails

Voice In is a speech-to-text chrome extension that enables you to use your voice to type your emails. Isn’t that genius? Since WhatsApp launched the voice recording update I have barely typed any messages on WhatsApp. I always wondered if the same existed for Gmail and that’s how I found Voice-In.

Voice In for chrome allows you to use the power of speech recognition to type emails, write blog posts, send messages, or even learn pronunciation. You can type emails from salutation to signature including paragraph change, text case change, add punctuation, and add a custom signature.

Top Features:

  • Dictate in over 50 languages
  • Built-in Voice commands for punctuation, and an option to add custom voice commands
  • Voice Typing on many more websites like Google Docs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack
  • Doesn’t share data with any third-party applications


Free: Unlocks all basic features and supports voice typing in all popular sites.

Premium: Premium, at $3.99/month (when paid annually), unlocks dictation across 1000+ sites, unlocks custom voice commands, dictate across multiple tabs, and many more features.

Voice In Demo

Install Voice In from the Chrome Webstore.

3. Inbox when Ready: Solution to your email addiction

How much time do you spend on an average day checking and refreshing your Gmail tab? How many days do you wake up and think you are not going to spend more than an hour checking emails?

Inbox When Ready helps you shift your focus from email to action items, by hiding and locking your inbox. The default setting is going to hide your inbox and you can schedule times to lock your inbox. This way you will access your inbox only at scheduled times to read all your emails.

Top Features:

  • Hides your inbox by default
  • Decide your inbox lockout schedule


Free: The free version allows you to use the basic features. It adds a small message to your email signature.

Pro Version: Starts at $4/month and provides many additional features like no signature, keyboard shortcuts, and unlimited email addresses.

Inbox when Ready Demo

Install Inbox when Ready from the Chrome Webstore.

4. Gmass: Merge your emails

Gmass helps you send and manage your cold email blasts for both personal and professional campaigns. Gmass can obtain data from Google Sheets and it will also help you customize your emails, schedule the send time, and track data on email opens. This extension also helps you verify email addresses from your list.

Top Features:

  • Enable personalized email campaigns from your Gmail inbox.
  • Schedule your emails easily
  • Track campaign performance with detailed analytics with metrics like total opens, and unique opens.


Free: Enables email tracking for 50 emails a day.

Premium: Starts at $8.95/ month for unlimited email tracking.

Gmass Demo

Install GMass extension from the Chrome Webstore.

5. Rebump: Automated email follow-up

You’ve decided to send out a marketing email using Gmass but then it was never opened and also, never answered. Rebump extension allows you to follow-up on unanswered emails using artificial intelligence.

This extension bumps the follow-up email to the top of your recipient’s inbox if you click on the Rebump checkbox before sending the first email.

You can personalize the content of the follow-up email, schedule the follow-up intervals, and the extension’s dashboard allows you to track the sent emails.

Top Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Enables you to manage, track, and analyze all the sent emails
  • Option to specify follow-up days and times


Premium: Free plan is only for 14 days. Three premium plans to choose from with many features.

Rebump Demo:

Install Rebump extension from the Chrome Webstore.

This article was written by Anil Shanbhag, Voice In's founder. Voice In lets you use your voice to type on 1000s on websites, including Gmail, ChatGPT, Google Docs, Notion, etc.