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Dictation is not working correctly

Fast MD 4 You Urgent Care - Pain clinic
  • 12 Sep

Voice dictation is not working correctly- it does not leave spaces between the words it's cramping all the words together in a sentence which is very frustrating. Can somebody help please?

  • 13 Sep

Hi Fast MD,
Yes we are aware of this issue and the fix for it just landed in version 3.49.
Can you restart your browser? That should pick up the latest version which contains a fix :)

Sean Jones
  • 13 Sep

3.49 did NOT fix this for me. I thought I was the only on with this issue. It's still bunching up the words and capitalizing random words.

  • 13 Sep

@sean, what website are you dictating on?
Can you record your screen (you can use Loom or any other tool) and share the video? We can fix the issue once we are able to reproduce it.

MD Shariful Islam Shuvo
  • 18 Sep

still same at 3.5 version. Check on reddit

  • 18 Sep

@md, I can reproduce this on Reddit. Looks like a recent change in Reddit.
The fix will go out in the next release going out on Tuesday.

If you have any other sites you face this issue on, please let us know.


@md, Voice In now works on Reddit. We fixed it in v3.51 (Changelog)
Restart your browser to pick up the latest version and try again.

Stephanie Böse
  • 25 Sep

Hallo ich habe seit heute das Problem das Voiceln nicht funktioniert auf Seiten wo es eigentlich Problemlos laufen sollte.Das hatte ich bisher noch nicht Das Gesprochene geht nicht ins Textfeld.

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  • 26 Sep

We just launched a major new update that fixes a bunch of capitalization and usage issues. Restart your browser to pick up the new version. It works fine on CKEditor, Wordpress, and Reddit now.

If it still doesn't work, please create a new thread.
State which website you are trying to use it on. Preferably attach a recording of your screen showing the issue (you can use Loom or any other screen recording tool to do it).

Closing this thread now.

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