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Not able to add the Voice scribe in my records

kamal sehgal
  • 31 Aug '23

I have an application where a doctor write notes in an application on cloud using voice-in, the text generated has to be saved in the text boxes of my application on cloud. My application is in Node.JS and Java Script. Issue I am facing is that the notes generated through Voice-in are not getting saved in my application. When I click the add on button, this text gets lost whereas the text written through my laptop remains there. What exactly can be the issue. Can somebody help to resolve this issue.

Dictanote Admin
  • 1 Sep '23

Hi Kamal,

You most likely need advanced mode. Many applications don't recognize text inserted with basic mode.

Upgrade to Voice In Plus to get advanced mode at https://dictanote.co/voicein/…

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