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Form field(s) input and "next field" possible?

  • 2 Jun '23

Hi, I am hoping to use Voice In to enter a form with 40 fields. Most fields are textinput, but there's some dropdowns, and some checkboxes.

Is it possible to use "Voice In" to go through the form purely by voice? I would like to be able to say "Next field" or "Go to First Name" to be able to input directly.

Willing to pay for upgrade if this enables this!


Dictanote Admin
  • 1
  • 7 Jun '23

You can do this!
You can add a custom voice command: next field => <press:tab>. This mimics pressing the tab key.
See https://support.dictanote.co/…

Upgrade to Voice In Plus to unlock custom voice commands at https://dictanote.co/voicein/…

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