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The Plus upgrade unlocks a whole host of features which combined with its best-in-class dictation service makes typing a breeze across most websites.

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* Login is needed so that you can retrieve your upgrade code to unlock Voice In Plus. Signup is free.

Voice In Plus Features

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode uses a more robust text insertion strategy that lets you use Voice In on a significantly larger number of sites. Advanced mode is used by default when you have Voice In Plus.

Page Pop-Up Location

Allows you to hide or change the location of the voice in pop-up that appears on a page once you start dictating.

Custom Voice Commands

Define your own voice commands to automate tasks by inserting predefined blocks of text for specific words..

Language Switcher

Switch between multiple languages easily using keyboard shortcuts

Dictation Box

Use the Dictation Box to type on sites where Voice In doesn't work by default. Dictate into the dictation box and copy the text out to the target box in the end without having to leave the site.

Text Transforms

Use text transforms to have your dictated text be typed in lowercase only, lowercase except for the beginning of a sentence which is auto-capitalized. You can also use it to disable diacritics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dictanote and Voice In are two seperate products built by the same team addressing different usecases.
Dictanote is a note taking app with built-in voice-to-text integration. Writes use it to write their books, students use it to takes notes, etc. Dictanote automatically syncs your notes to the cloud and makes it available on all your devices.
Voice In is a chrome extension that lets you use Speech-To-Text to type on any website in Chrome. Use it to type emails in Gmail, enter data into Teladoc, write blogs in Wordpress, etc. Learn more about Voice In

Voice In works on any device that runs a desktop (i.e. non-mobile) version of Google Chrome, whether it’s a Mac, PC or Chromebook.

Yes, you can use your license code on any number of machines. You however need to have one license per user.

Voice In uses Stripe, a global $40 billion dollar payment processing company. Voice In does not store any of your payment information on our servers. When you click Upgrade, you will be taken a secure page hosted on Stripe that will collect and process your payment.