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  • Unlock dictation on 1000+ sites with Advanced Mode
  • Custom voice commands
  • All premium features included


Unlock everything with Voice In Plus.

Voice In Plus lets you dictate across more websites and define your own voice commands. Your voice typing experience is made effortless and designed to respect your privacy.

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    Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode lets you use dictation to type on a significantly larger number of sites including Reddit, Hubspot, Twitter, Facebook, Teladoc, Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, most EHRs, etc.
    Advanced Mode uses a new text insertion strategy that can handle more websites than the Basic Mode available in Voice In Free.
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    Custom Voice Commands. Voice commands let you insert a predefined block of text when you say a specific phrase. Voice In comes built-in with voice commands for common tasks like punctuations, etc. With Plus, you can define your own voice commands to automate repetitive text entry and to correct errors. Some examples:
    Say This To Insert This
    insert signature Thanks,
    Team Voice In
    setup meeting Let’s do a quick call to fix the issue? You can pick
    a time at
    insert one <<< your custom text here >>>
    f*** fuck
    uline <newline>
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    Unlock Undo and Delete Word (Beta). Unlock the undo and delete word voice commands. Undo removes the last phrase that was dictated into the text box while delete word deletes the last word. These are essential for correcting dictation errors.
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    Increase Idle Timeout. By default, Voice In turns off after 60s seconds of inactivity. With Voice In Plus, this timeout is increased to 30 minutes. This allows you to pause/take time to think during dictation and not have to constantly restart Voice In.
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    Dictate Across Multiple Tabs. In Voice In Free, when you switch tabs, dictation stops and you need to start Voice In manually again. Enabling this feature allows you to switch tabs without having to worry about dictation stopping.
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    Dictation Box. Use the Dictation Box to type on sites where Voice In doesn't work by default. Dictate into the dictation box and copy the text out to the target box in the end without having to leave the site.
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    Language Switcher. Switch between multiple languages easily using buttons or keyboard shortcuts.
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    Change Case. Change the case of the dictated text to Sentence case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Capitalize Each Word.
    Sentence case solves an important problem. A common issue with the dictated output is that it doesn't understand if the word in a given context is a proper noun or not. As a result, you will see words get capitalized that shouldn't be capitalized. Setting case to "Sentence case" lets you disable uppercase except at the start of the sentence.
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    Premium support. Our team will respond to your questions in under 24h. You can also request support over Zoom.

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Amazingly comprehensive and useful. It replaces all other similar products, especially $300 Dragon.

James Gordon



My arthritis make this extension a God-send to me.

Gay Homer

Colorado, USA


I broke both arms back in February and this application has really helped me survive!.

Leah Caroll

UC Berkeley, USA


This extension is absolutely the best and accurate voice typing system on the chrome web store.

Talha Rahman




Kenshiro Aoki



Wow! This extension is awesome! I had been using Dragon Naturally speaking for several years and it is so ridiculously outdated. Total worth getting the upgraded advanced features of Voice In. As a self employed physician doing dictation I can't believe that there is a better more cost effective option available than Voice In.

Kirk Wehrspan

Chiropractor, USA



Large organization or unique request?

If you’re a business with a large number of users or you have a unique requirement, reach out to discuss alternative pricing options.


Questions & answers

Find tutorials & help guides in our documentation.


You can enjoy Voice In for free. Take it for a testdrive on Gmail. Voice In Plus unlocks premium features like custom voice commands, Advanced Mode, dictation across tabs & more. If you want to benefit from premium features, you can upgrade your account on our paid plans.

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Of course! If you need to change ownership of your license, please contact us and we’ll proceed with the change.

Security & Privacy

By design, all of your audio is transcribed right in your browser. No audio dictated or audio transcript is ever sent to the Voice In servers. Here’s all the data we need in order to make Voice In work:

  • Your email address to identify your account (optional)
  • If you are a paying customer, your name to identify payment and voice commands (stored so you can access them from other machines).

Voice In complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). You have a right of access, correction and removal of your personal data which you may exercise by sending us an email at

Voice In requires access to your microphone. The microphone is used for audio input. Voice In never uses your microphone when you are not recording.


Checkout the Voice In Plus guide. The guide contains detailed information on all of the features.


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Also you can checkout the user forum or contact us via email at, we’ll be glad to help!

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