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Dictation of a Bibliography

  • 21 Aug '21

I am trying to transcribe a bibliography from handwritten text. I am having trouble with capitalization, especially.

For example, an author's name and initial, such as "Black, A. G." . If I tell it to capitalize, I get "capital a. capital g.", same if I say "Uppercase", I just get the word "uppercase" with a lower case letter.

The next part is usually a title, and I can get it to capitalize the first word, but I do not know how to get it to type the rest in "title case".

I am also having trouble with parentheses. It types "open parenthesis" and "close parenthesis" instead of "(" and ")" to those commands.

I am using American English.

Can you help?


(P.S. I am blown away by how well this does German, capitalizing every noun without needing to be told. Thanks so much for that.)