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Profanity filter-- please make an option to turn it off

  • 28 Jul '21

Please make an option to turn off the profanity filter. Even if it's a paid feature, I will mash that buy button so hard your head will spin if you give me this feature. I am a journalist in the adult film industry and want to use Dictanote to write my pieces. It's asinine to have this filter to begin with, but no way to turn it off? Please help!

Hanna Lonac
  • 25 Mar

Literally same here. I will buy the Pro Version as soon as this option exists. Or would it work to tell Voice In to auto-replace the censored words with the intended words?


You can use Voice Commands to fix the issue
( there is a paragraph at the bottom on how to enable adult words )

You can bulk add the following voice commands


Add in any other words that you might need.
There is no way to disable it as Voice In and Dictanote uses the browser's speech-to-text engine which returns censored text.