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Voice to Text

  • 4 Feb

Is there a different program, that can offer SPEECH TO TEXT, with the ability to detect two preset languages. AND HAVE A SPACE BETWEEN each language or speaker? With accuracy, that can be reliable. I find that the English audio, a sentence in English, will be transcribed, captured, almost perfectly. But the Spanish (I chose Spanish as the secondary language) was almost not usable.OHHH and a separation between one speaker and the other. A line, a paragraph, something. I have the pro subs in almost all of your programs. asaptrans@msn.com

Dictanote Admin
  • 5 Feb

Hi Yolanda,
This is a work in progress. Please let me know once you have the sample audios.
Currently if you use Audio Scribe, it recognizes both languages but there is no space to indicate change in language.

  • 6 Feb

Thank you for your attention to respond to my question. I will keep checking back with you, hoping that as you update and modify the features in this excellent app, you will include this feature. In my case, this feature is indispensable for the purpose I have in mind. Additionally, I believe other people will find it extremely beneficial. It is easier said than done, but I am only referring to a line to separate one speaker from the next, or one language from the other. Keep up the excellent work! YW

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