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  • 9 Jul '21

Hi, I have some points I would like to mention/ask, can you please answer these:

  1. My mother language is Spanish, I've noticed it lacks some special voice commands in this language, can you help to make it possible to use the same commands as in English in the Spanish commands? (As for example the "undo"/"delete last word" commands)

  2. The Dictanote Pro, English voice commands has the "undo" command, while Voice-In Plus has the "delete last word" command, is it possible that these work together? (I mean "undo" + "delete last word" commands, if not, can you please add this feature?)

  3. I've noticed that sometimes Dictanote/Voice-In automatically inserts from buffer to the text edit/input, while others it is necessary to press the icon or press Enter, is it possible to make it always insert the actual text on silence? (Or, in last case, can you please add a voice command to map a force sending text functionality)

  4. As a paid customer I would like to remove the Dictanote branding when sharing notes via link, can you please consider this?

  5. I would like to have an option to protect with a password some specific notes in Dictanote, also when sharing it via link to request the password for this, can you consider this?

  6. I would like to help you improve your software. I can provide you feedback from time to time for this. Is this something you're interested in/open to?

  7. Also, do you have any public roadmap?

Thank you!

  • 18 Jul '21


To answer your questions

  1. Yes, we are constantly revising the voice commands list. Can you reach out at support@dictanote.co? I can work with you to revise the list.
  2. Yes, we will make add both to both softwares.
  3. It usually enters from the buffer automatically once the text finalizes. In some languages, it takes a while to finalize the text which is why you need to manually step in and hit Enter
  4. I can work with you on this.
  5. We don't have this feature yet.
  6. Yes absolutely!
  7. We don't have a public roadmap. I have DM'ed the roadmap board we use.