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Tips for integration with custom web apps

Mark Bronstein
  • 17 Nov

Great product! I would like to optimize the use of Voice In with my custom web app. Any tips or recommendations on ensuring that my plain vanilla HTML forms work well with Voice In. In particular, I want to make sure I can dictate directly into text fields with out having to use the dictation box.

Also, it possible to use Voice In with select dropdown widgets?



Dictanote Admin
  • 20 Nov

Hi Mark,

Voice In should work well out of the box. Recommend using standard textboxes. Voice In works well with WYSIWYG editors like TinyMCE too.

Voice In doesn't currently work well with dropdown widgets. This is on our near term roadmap.

  • 21 Nov

Great! glad to hear it. Also, Its probably already on your list, but at present saying "press tab" does not move the user to the next form field.