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Mic is not hearing me

  • 17 Oct

I use google mic and ms word, they both work but when i click on voice in, it makes a sound and turns red but cannot hear me.

Dictanote Admin
  • 18 Oct

Hi Vida,

Do you happen to have multiple microphones on your system? We have seen similar issues in the past and most of the time it is because the system has multiple microphones and Chrome chooses the wrong one.

  • 18 Oct

Hi, no only one!

Brandon Howard
  • 14 Nov

I'm having the same problem. I use Google Pixel Buds Pro. The mic works fine for everything except for VoiceIn. That includes other things in Chrome like Google Meet. And yes, I've already tried troubleshooting and I've selected every possible option in Chrome's microphone settings panel (chrome://settings/content/microphone). None of the microphone options work with VoiceIn, but the mic works with everything else without issue.

Charlotte Suzara
  • 14 Nov

Same here, I am using my computer mic, or my AKG ear buds, nothing is writing, and I just paid for the upgrade LOL

Patrick Mathews
  • 15 Nov

I have the same issue, is there a fix yet?