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How to hide the pop-up(debug)

  • 12 Oct '23

I want to hide the pop-up (debug) every time I use the 'press' command like, , , any press commands. I tried the following method to hide the pop-up (debug), but it didn't work. I don't quite understand the 'Repeat for other Chrome shortcuts you use.' There appears to be only one settings window. Is there one for each of its shortcuts?


Right click the icon from where you launch Chrome - whether it be the task bar, Desktop, or the programs menu (you will need to follow these instructions for each shortcut you use).

Click properties

Add --silent-debugger-extension-api after .../chrome.exe" (Make sure it's after the closing quote)

Repeat for other Chrome shortcuts you use.

Exit Chrome and launch it from one of the launchers you changed.