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Training recognition and spelling of unusual words like names, etc.

John Cline
  • 5 Oct '23

Hi. Is it possible to train it to understand a word and spell it correctly? Specifically, it's some names that I have to skip and write each time because it comes up with very odd input.


Dictanote Admin
  • 6 Oct '23

Hi John,

The main way to solve this is to use Custom Voice Commands

Lets say you want to dictate the following uncommon words: Humira, osteoporosis, Ozempic
(these are medical terms)

Some words Voice In recognizes out of the box like osteoporosis

Some words, you can add a voice command to map mispronounced word to correct word
For example, for Humira
add humida => Humira

For some words, like Ozempic which gets dictated as olympic, you may need to map to a phrase. For example
insert weight loss drug => Ozempic
insert medicine 1 => Ozempic