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Headphone 'mode' changes when dictation mode is active.

  • 7 Sep

As soon as I activate the Voice In plugin, my headphones (Bose Bluetooth) switch audio modes (maybe to 'communication' mode I think?) and the sound is suddenly tinny, as if from a tiny cheap speaker, and the music that is playing also gets incredibly loud, so I have to rip off my headphones if I forget.

This is new, in the last few days. I have tried switching the Chrome mic preferences to every option I have available but none of them make a difference. It will make VoiceIn almost unusable for me as I have my headphones on most of the time and removing them every time I dictate is not very practical.

Anybody know how to fix this?

  • 13 Sep

Hi Nico,

I use Bose headphones, too, and I usually set my input to the system microphone on my Mac and output to Bose headset.
The Bose headphone is likely doing this in your case. There is little we can do on our end. There were no changes to the software in terms of mic handling.