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Is anyone else not able to get dictanote to respond today

howard bassen
  • 6 Sep '23

Dictanote is not responding today to my inputs from my microphone. It seems to recognize the words but does not put them into the window as text.

Michael Galilaer
  • 18 Sep '23

this problem I had today and a few weeks agoj massive that sucks and costs time but the last few days, however, it was actually good, who knows more what the reason is

Karissa Patterson
  • 19 Sep '23

ti is not working right now

Michael Galilaer
  • 19 Sep '23

in my case it was the microphone therefore always first exclude errors on the PC such as other plugins that I have deleted almost all and the hardware so microphone or headset

Dictanote Admin
  • 19 Sep '23

Hi Michael,
Think we resolved your issue on the email thread. Usually, the issue happens if your microphone is not audible.
In Michael's case, the microphone audio volume was low.

We had another customer who had two microphones connected and Chrome was choosing the wrong one. After disconnecting one, it started working smoothly.

We have a troubleshooting guide at https://support.dictanote.co/…

Guide to see/change the microphone used is at https://support.dictanote.co/…

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