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Limit on custom voice commands

Ian Gilmer
  • 5 Sep


I was interested in knowing if there is a limit on the number of custom voice commands I can set up with the upgraded/paid for version of Voice In?
I am hoping to use this for data entry and specifically numbers and fractions. Also, is there a way to limit Voice In to just use input numbers? I was testing the free version and noticed that sometimes when I said the number 1, it would input it as "one" and sometimes it would input it as "1" depending on what else was said along with that number. Is there a way to get it to always write the number version?

Thanks for the help,

  • 6 Sep

Hi Ian,

There is no limit on the number of custom voice commands. Users end up setting up a library, we have seen users with 150-200 commands. This is a one-time effort.

If you don't want one to type as 1, you can add a voice command one => 1

Ian Gilmer
  • 13 Sep

Great, thanks for answering my questions.