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Text from VoiceIn not process correctly (probably an issue with keyboard emulation)

Łukasz Dutka
  • 4 Sep '23

Hi, I'm using Voice In Pro in the Advanced Mode.

I'm working inside a text field in an online application where the text I create is then passed to other users. I found that when I dictate the text with Voice In, this text does appear in the text field but it's not passed to other users. When I use another speech recognition tool or when I type manually, the text is passed correctly.

I think it's because the application passes keyboard presses. And Voice In uses another method of input (it sort of pastes whole strings of text, I guess). Is it possible to change it somewhere in settings so that Voice In uses another input method (for instance, emulates the keyboard)?


Dictanote Admin
  • 4 Sep '23

Hi Lukasz,

Which website are you trying to dictate on? Can you record your screen (you can use Loom or any other tool) and share the video?
Voice In uses a variant of paste which should work unless the site is explicitly blocking paste.

One option, try disabling advanced mode and see if that helps.

Łukasz Dutka
  • 11 Sep '23

Thanks for your response.

I tried disabling advanced mode but this didn't help.

It's a proprietory app I have to use at work. I think recording the video won't be helpful because the text is inserted in the field (I see it appear). It's just not processed further by the app, it's like the app doesn't see it. I talked to the developers and they told me the app sort of "listens" to keyboard events.

So the question is: can VoiceIn emulate keyboard events? And if it can't, what's the method it uses to paste text? Does it copy the text to the clipboard and then clears it? Or does it somehow bypass clipboard? The developers of the app told me they can try to modify it to recognize the input from VoiceIn if I tell me how the text input works.

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