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Voice In - custom commands multiple ones at the same time

James Meadows
  • 29 Aug '23

What I'm trying to see is I know there's a bulk for doing individual custom commands, but is there a method like adding a, or a; in the " say this" text box that would then produce the output that you place into the" to insert this". I couldn't find it in the user guide so I'm assuming the functionality doesn't exist but I thought I would ask it would make it a lot easier to be able to insert various commands for the same exact output without having to create a file that would basically do the same thing that you would upload. << asking for a friend>> :)

Say this:
close the bracket, close brax, closed brack

To insert this:

Dictanote Admin
  • 29 Aug '23

Hi James,
No there isn't.
You need to add them one at a time or bulk add.

close the bracket,)
close brax,)
closed back,)

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