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Period and other punctuation issues


Voice In relies on the browser's speech-to-text engine. The engine recently stopped converting "period" to ".". This change happened around Jan 14.

Please see the built-in voice commands available in Voice In at https://dictanote.co/voicein/…. We are working on updating the extension to add support for "period" and some of the other changes. Note you can use "full stop" to insert a full stop.

If you have Voice In Plus, add a custom voice command for "period". Add "period" => "."

bytelander pinned this 4 months, 3 weeks ago
bytelander pinned this 4 months, 3 weeks ago
  • 15 Jan

We have launched an update to fix this issue. It is waiting for Chrome Web Store approval, should be updated in the next 24 hours.

  • 16 Jan

Update: We just released a new version v3.24 of Voice In.
The new version contains a number of improvements:

1) Fixes capitalization within sentences.
When you say: I love it full stop thank you
Before it would type: I love it. thank you
Now it types: I love it. Thank you

2) Number formatting: When you dictate numbers say 781, it would type "781" or "-781" or "7 8 1". We have fixed the formatting issue to consistently type in 781.

3) Added default voice commands like "exclamation point".

We have not fixed the period issue yet. Adding a built-in voice command "period" => "." would make it impossible for users to dictate phrases like "time period".

We advise users to add a custom voice command "period" => "."
Follow https://support.dictanote.co/… to learn how to create a custom voice command.

  • 23 Feb

I am using "full stop" to insert a period, but it leaves a space between the period and the end of the sentence.
Also, previously when I used the command "New Paragraph" it started a new one and skipped a line.This no longer seems to work. is there a new procedure? Thanks.

  • 23 Feb

Sorry, but the problem with the period seems to have correct it self and works fine now. Still having issue with "new paragraph".

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wwwdavid2426's comment was removed 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Lisa Evans
  • 15 Mar

The command “closed parenthesis” doesn't register no matter how much I stress my pronunciation and when I tried to add a custom command update it to “closed parentheses” it is still not recognized.