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Addressing the new permissions dialog with Voice In v3.23

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  • 18 Dec '22

Users who received the Voice In v3.23 update have likely seen a scary-looking permission dialog that looks like the one below:

Voice In Voice Typing permissions.jpg
[Photo credit :Kevin Campbell]

In V3.23 the only new permission added is access to the page debugger backend. We just launched two new voice commands: <open:*> and <press:*>
<open:*> lets you open a webpage using voice command. E.g. <open:https://google.com>
<press:*> lets you do a keyboard press. E.g. <press:shift+enter>
Learn more at https://dictanote.co/blog/key…

The other two permissions always existed.

The second one is needed so Voice In can insert text into all the different sites. Here is the official text we provided Chrome Web Store:

The extension injects a single content script page.js that enters the user-dictated text into the input text field or content editable div in the page. The content script also adds option buttons to help with dictation that is only displayed on browser action or click-in context menu. There are 3 buttons: The settings button - which lets the user change the dictation language and change language shortcuts, the Dictation box which is a text area and a help message which is displayed on some sites where the extension doesn't work.

The third one is needed as one of Voice In's insertion methods pastes content at the cursor location via the clipboard.

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