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Medical terms

Tatiana Daniel
  • 9 Oct

Hi there,

Is there a way to make the voice to type more accurarete? There are several medical words that this program consistently gets wrong and I am wondering if their is a way to "train" the program to more accurately get these words.

Thank you

  • 13 Oct

Hi Tatiana,

You can use custom voice commands to fix this issue.

Here are two examples:

In general, you can add voice commands mapping any words to anything else.
Two broad ways to do it. So say you have a technical term fenbendazole that you need to dictate often, you can add

"medicine 1" => fenbendazole --- this is like adding a shortcut

or you could do

"fender benders all" => "fenbendazole" -- this is correcting dictation error using voice command.

Hope this helps.