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Voice IN is not working on Microsoft Edge for linux!

Istiak Mahmud
  • 1
  • 14 Mar '22

When starting the extension, the extension wants access to microphone. there is no pop up to grant it. So it go to the settings of microphone access granting in Egde, it says it has granted. Also when I'm in the extension's page there's a microphone icon in the address bar, it shows that microphone access has been granted, but it's still not working.
Is the any way to fix this?

Dictanote Admin
  • 19 Mar '22

Hi Istiak,
Can you uninstall the extension and install from https://chrome.google.com/web… - the extension version in the edge store is a little out of date.
This looks like a Microsoft Edge issue. Can you try searching Google for a fix?

Peter Mead
  • 7 May '23

So I'm hoping you can help me too, Every time I click on the microphone edge jut crashes. I don't k know what vwrsion edge is but it's updated and I got the voice in from the chrome web store

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