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Disable auto turn-off / idle setting

Daniel Finck
  • 6 Oct '21

Love Voice-in, use it for almost everything, happy Plus subscriber.
Big BUT: Voice-in shuts off after some period and needs to manually get enabled.
This is a big bummer as I have frequent pauses between having to type a lot and often makes me start without realizing it is off again.
The timeout time is also somewhat random, probably its only based on whether there is input.
Is this something that I can disable in a config file or a Chrome-thing?

Thanks a lot !


  • 27 Dec '21

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the extremely late reply. Can you try again now and see if this is still and issue?
We did a bunch of bug fixes, so this is likely fixed already.

Daniel Finck
  • 27 Mar

Hello! I have come back to test the functionality hoping that I could us Voice-in again, but the problem persists: After about 1-2 minutes of no voice submitting dictation text, the addon will disable itself. There have been many times where I have started to dictate text, only to realize that the last minute or so wasn't even recorded :( What purpose does the "always listen" function have, if it only keeps listening when continuously talking? The convinience of Voicein would make me toss my heavy dictation software aside for it, but at the moment this problem keeps me from it.