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Voice In Plus disables cutting and pasting text?!

Neill Fronde
  • 3 Oct '21

I just paid an upgraded to Voice In Plus, but I am looking at how to cancel and downgrade again. As soon as I move to plus I could no longer select text and cut and paste it on the page while Voice In is active. I have to turn off the extension every time I need to cut and paste.

I haven't tested it on many sites but it definitely doesn't work on WordPress which is 90% of why I purchased the extension. Anyone have any solutions?

Also, I was very disappointed to discover that custom voice commands aren't case sensitive so if I set it up to automatically type something that I use often, it will paste my texts all in lowercase regardless of the capitalization I put in the command. So all the convenience of being able to say one or two words to paste a few sentences is useless because I then have to go back and edit all those sentences to have proper capitalization. :(

  • 26 Dec '21

Hi Niell,

We have fixed all these issues.
If you need paste to work, see if you can Voice In with Advanced mode disabled - https://support.dictanote.co/…

It works on Wordpress now.

Voice Commands are now case sensitive. This landed in the 2.23 release. You can find more info here https://dictanote.co/voicein/…